About us

The Farmyard Honey Factory is a Beekeeping business situated at the foothills of the Winterhoek Mountains in the Boland region of the Western Cape. It was started by Phirdy Motala as a hobby in 2006 with 6 hives on their 57Ha family-owned fruit farm. We currently manage about 300 hives in several apiaries around the Boland area. We provide pollination services to fruit and vegetable farmers and produce honey and other hive products.

Our factory and agriprocessing unit is situated on the farm where we extract & bottle honey, process & package other hive products (like beeswax) and manufacture & bottle our own range of handmade body care products – all of which can be purchased at our retail store.
Our shop includes a strictly Halal eatery – HONEY & CHAI – which specialises in Indian cuisine.

We subscribe to the vision and aspirations of AGENDA 2063 and have aligned our business to work towards ‘TheAfrica We Want’. We take our social responsibility seriously and view it as an ongoing effort to create a better life for all


Passion, commitment and determination lie at the heart of our company. We continuously strive to reach beyond boundaries through client-driven innovation.
We strive for high performance throughout our entire organisation to provide value for our stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers).
Our diverse team brings their different skills, backgrounds, cultures & experiences to foster open and healthy debate, discussion and collaboration.
We hold ourselves socially, morally and ethically accountable to our stakeholders.

Through our core values, we hope to leave a positive legacy to inspire others and cause a chain reaction in building ‘The AfricaWe Want’.
We are honest, transparent, ethical and fair in business and strive for the same in our personal lives.
We strive to contribute positively to the local biodiversity by balancing our use of natural resources, ensuring that it remains beneficial for communities now and in the future.
We are committed to the continued struggle for socio-economic justice and transformation. We strive to create a better life for all our employees by creating the environment and opportunities for learning, personal & economic growth and social consciousness.