Hello world!! I am told that this is the correct manner to introduce a new blog site. I am from old school (NO, I’m not old… don’t go there!!) but yes, I am technologically challenged. Okay, I don’t even know how to use this site so that would place me somewhere between technologically challenged and stupid. However, I have three teenagers. They know everything, so I really don’t need to know anything. That’s my excuse, what’s yours? Actually, one of them is a 21 year old and I’m not sure whether he qualifies as a teenager. But, on second thoughts, he does know everything so that would imply that he is. I suppose he only becomes an adult when he doesn’t know anything – like the rest of us!!

But what I’m really interested in is bees. I know a bit more about bees than I do about technology – but just a bit – and that’s probably what I’ll be talking about here…or maybe not.