Shopping!!! I remember the days when, as a little girl, I was regularly dragged down a seemingly endless network of roads with shops cluttered on either side and bumper-to-bumper traffic sandwiched inbetween. Even though I would complain that my feet ached and my tummy rumbled, my mother would insist that we complete every step of her meticulously planned trip to the ‘Main Road’. Somehow I didn’t dare to question the fact that the ‘Main Road’ wasn’t just one road but included all the side streets and obscure back roads as well.

That was before the advent of shopping centres. Ironically, the shopping centre involves a lot more walking than the ‘Main Road’ but at least it comes with a food court, movies, clean toilets and a tiled floor. But nowadays there’s online shopping….

So a few years ago when my older daughter, Laylaa, was about ten years old, I took her shopping to one of our local supermarkets. I think it must have been a Friday afternoon because the shop was packed. Why I would choose to go to the supermarket on a Friday afternoon remains a mystery to me. It was a nightmare trying to manouvre our trolley up and down the aisles – like the bumper-to-bumper traffic in the ‘Main Road’. Nevertheless, we eventually finished loading our trolley and reached the queue at the till. If I were to take a rough guess I would say that there were about ten tills and every single queue was looong (endless, actually!!!) reaching some way into the aisles. Now that I think about it, it’s fascinating how each till was almost directly opposite an aisle allowing the queue to run straight into it. Is that intentional or coincidental? Well, either way, it’s quite clever.

Anyway, Laylaa gets very bored when she’s idle. She is one of those kids who need to be entertained all the time if you don’t want her to get up to mischief – trust me, you don’t want her to get up to mischief! Thankfully, the lady in front of us in the queue seemed to capture her attention. The lady kept leaving her trolley, disappearing into one of the aisles before returning with one or other item she had previously forgotten to get. By the third time it was becoming funny. Why?…I really don’t know but we were in stitches. The already agitated lady didn’t seem to realise – or perhaps she just didn’t care – that she was the cause of it. By the fifth time (I’m serious….five times!!) Laylaa suddenly stopped laughing and had a ‘light bulb’ moment. “Oh my goodness” she says, “so this is what they call online shopping!”

But here, on our website, we plan to offer you a much more comfortable online shopping experience and NO QUEUES!!